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Addiction Counsellors

Addictions Counsellors help individuals, families and communities identify and deal with addictions through treatment and prevention programs.

What do Addictions Counsellors do on the job?

• Work with clients that have eating disorders or are addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex or tobacco
• Assess client strengths, problem areas, severity of dependence and readiness to change
• Develop client treatment plans that are based on research, clinical experience and history
• Provide information about addiction issues and about available services and programs and make appropriate referrals where necessary
• Conduct information sessions and therapy groups as required
• Counsel affected individuals and family members through all stages of recovery using appropriate intervention strategies and treatment approaches
• Review, evaluate and document client progress
• Develop public education, prevention and health promotion programs

Where do Addictions Counsellors work?

• Detox centres
• Hospitals
• Schools or community based agencies
• National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program
• Metis Addictions Council of Saskatchewan

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Job Titles

• Counsellor/Advisor
• Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counsellor
• Rehabilitation Services Practitioner
• Substance Abuse Counsellor

What characteristics do you need?

• Emotional maturity and a balanced, healthy lifestyle
• Patience
• Tolerance for beliefs and values that are not their own
• Belief that individuals, families and communities have the ability to make changes
• Excellent communication and presentation skills

Estimated Average Hourly Wage from Service Canada - Saskatchewan - $22.50/hour

Post-Secondary Institutes

• SIAST – Addictions Counselling
o Diploma Program
o Require: Grade 12 with English Language Arts A30 and English Language Arts B30 a commitment to sobriety and drug free behavior
o Length: Two years with a 14 week practicum

• SIIT – Community Services Addiction Diploma
o Diploma Program
o Require: Grade 12 with a commitment to sobriety and drug free behavior
o Length: Two years

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