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Cooks prepare food in eating establishments such as hotels, restaurants, institutions and camps.

What do Cooks do on the job?

• Study menus to estimate food requirements and obtain the necessary food
• Wash, peel and cut vegetables
• Clean and cut meats, fish and poultry
• Clean kitchen equipment and cooking utensils
• Prepare, season and cook foods such as soups, salads, meat, fish, gravies, vegetables, desserts, sauces and casseroles
• Carve meats, prepare portions on plates and add gravies, sauces and garnish to servings
• Bake pastries
• Oversee menu planning, regulate stock control and supervise kitchen staff

Where do Cooks work?

• Hospitals
• Hotels
• Restaurants
• Catering firms
• Cafeterias
• Institutions
• Isolated camps

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Job Titles

• Chefs
• Kitchen managers

What characteristics do you need?

• Good oral and written communication skills
• Basic math skills
• Interest in preparing food
• Keen sense of taste and smell
• Able to work as members of a team
• Willing to maintain the high standard of cleanliness necessary in any food establishment

Estimated Average Hourly Wage from Service Canada - Saskatchewan - $15.19/hour

Post-Secondary Institutes

• SIAST – Professional Cooking
o Certificate Program
o Require: Grade 10
o Length: 35 weeks
• Saskatchewan Apprenticeship – Cook
o Completed Grade 12
o Must be working in the trade and under the supervision of a certified journeyperson
o Length: 3 years including 1,800 hours of technical training and on-the-job training

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