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Environment Superintendent

Environment Superintendents ensure site compliance with environmental legislation and health and safety standards.

What Do Environment Superintendents Do?

• Provide leadership to the environment department
• Responsible for the site quality management system
• Site contact for preparation of regulatory submissions and regulatory inspections, audits and questions on quality management system
• Assist in managing the quality aspects of the environment department
• Interact with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), Saskatchewan Environment, and ISO 14001

Where do Environment Superintendents work?

Save the Tree cartoon
• Cameco

What characteristics do you need?

• Strong people skills
• Excellent communication and problem solving skills
• Strong interest in environmental issues

Estimated Average Hourly Wage from Service Canada - Saskatchewan - $33.13/hour

Post-Secondary Institute

• University of Saskatchewan – BSA in Environmental Science
o Degree Program
o Grade 12 with a minimum of 70% average including an English Language Arts 30, Mathematics B30, Mathematics C30, Biology 30, and Chemistry 30
o Length: 4 years

• University of Saskatchewan – Engineering
o Degree Program
o Require: Grade 12 with a minimum of 78% average including Math B30, Math C30, Physics 30, 30-level English, Calculus 30, Chemistry 30
o Length: four-years

Career Ambassador Project
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