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Environment Technician

Environment Technicians investigate, assess and monitor pollution levels in the air, water and soil.

What do Environment Technicians do on the job?

• Maintain equipment and instruments required for environmental monitoring
• Assist in operation of hazardous waste and waste disposal facilities
• Conduct the Environmental Monitoring Program
• Maintain files and submit reports
• Provide environmental training

Where do Environment Technicians work?
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• AREVA and Cameco
• Engineering Consultants
• Environmental Consultants
• Governmental Agencies

Job Titles

• Environmental Consultant
• Geo-environmental Technician

What characteristics do you need?

• Problem solving and decision making skills
• Communication skills
• Interest in environmental issues
• Computer knowledge

Average Hourly Wage from 2006 Survey of Wages – Saskatchewan Labour - $23.64/hour

Post-Secondary Institutes

• SIAST – Environmental Engineering Technology
o Diploma Program
o Require: Grade 12 with a minimum of 60% in Math A 30, B30, and C30
o Length: 77 weeks (five academic semesters) and eight-month paid Co-operative Education work terms

Career Ambassador Project
Community Vitality Monitoring Partnership Process