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Environmental Leadership Specialist

Environmental Leadership Specialists promote taking responsible actions towards the natural environment by helping to create awareness of the relationships between human activity and the environment.

What Do Environmental Leadership Specialists Do?

• Maintain Environmental Leadership performance monitoring data
• Make recommendations for reduction of site environmental impact
• Provide oversight on environmental performance requirements for site-based projects
• Establish and maintain Environmental Leadership plans and budgets for the coming years
• Champion site-based Environmental Leadership programs
• Provide project management for site-based projects

Where do Environmental Leadership Specialists work?
Cleaning the Earth cartoon
• AREVA and Cameco
• Municipal governments
• Private recreation and fitness facilities
• Tourism and entertainment businesses
• Health care institutions
• Post-secondary education institutions

What characteristics do you need?

• Open-minded
• Tactful
• Observant
• Perceptive
• Adaptable
• Persistent
• Able to critically analyze information and make logical, timely decisions
• Excellent communication and problem solving skills
• Strong interest in environmental issues

Estimated Average Hourly Wage from Service Canada - Saskatchewan - $33.13/hour

Post-Secondary Institute

• University of Saskatchewan – BSA in Environmental Science
o Degree Program
o Grade 12 with a minimum of 70% average including an English Language Arts 30, Mathematics B30, Mathematics C30, Biology 30, and Chemistry 30
o Length: 4 years

Career Ambassador Project
Community Vitality Monitoring Partnership Process