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Health Information Services Co-ordinator

As a Health Information Services Co-ordinator, you contribute to individual and global health through the collection, management and reporting of health information.

What Do Health Information Services Co-ordinators do?

• Data collection and coding
• Interpretation and analysis of health data
• Transition to the electronic health record
• Ensure patient's record is complete, accurate and secure yet readily accessible for appropriate release
• Safeguard and release patient information under the Health Information Act
• Collect additional information about patients and their hospital stays to generate data about the patient population
• Use computer applications to compile, sort, group, retrieve, analyze and present health data in ways that are useful for planning, research and education.

Where do Health Information Services Co-ordinators work?

• Hospitals
• Government agencies
• Educational institutions
• Community health clinics
• Insurance companies
• Pharmaceutical companies
• Home care, mental health programs
• Nursing homes and long-term care facilities
• Research agencies
• Consulting firms

Job Titles
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• Health Record Technician
• Health Care Technologist
• Information Specialist
• Medical Technologist

What characteristics do you need?

• High degree of accuracy, responsibility and attention to detail
• Communication skills

Estimated Average Hourly Wage from Service Canada - Saskatchewan - $32.55/hour

Post-Secondary Institute

• SIAST- Health Information Management (Wascana Campus or Distance Learning)
o Diploma Program
o Require: Grade 12 with a minimum of 65% average including English A30 and B30, one of Social Studies 30, History 30 or Native Studies 30, one 30 level math and one 30 level science (Biology, Chemistry or Physics)
o Length: two years
o Graduates are eligible to write the Canadian Health Information Management Association's national certification examination to attain the status of a certified Health Information Management professional.

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