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Human Resource Specialist

Human Resource Specialists provide advice to Heads of Department and individual employees based on the requirements of employment law and of the Company’s policies and procedures.

What Do Human Resource Specialists Do?

• Provide expertise on resource issues, selection methods and HR planning to respond to sites needs
• Assist in the administration of the Company Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP) program by interviewing employees and completing documentation required and follow-up
• Resource person in matters of discipline, suspension and follow-up of probationary employees
• Conduct selection interviews, acting as the point of contact to external candidates and co-ordinating the recruitment process
• Administer employee group benefit plans
• Provide orientation and consultation to employees
• Maintain the human resources records to ensure that they are current and accurate
• Collect, record, monitor and report on information regarding absence, sickness, holidays, etc.
• Assist with site tours for visitors, conduct briefings

Where do Human Resource Specialists work?
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• AREVA and Cameco
• Educational institutions
• Federal, provincial and municipal governments
• Manufacturing firms
• Health care institutions
• Financial institutions.

Job Titles

• Negotiator
• Personnel Officer/Administrator
• Recruitment Officer
• Trainer
• Wage and Salary Administrator

What characteristics do you need?

• Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)
• good analytical and problem solving skills
• integrity and good judgment
• sensitivity and the ability to keep employee information confidential
• tact and diplomacy
• leadership ability
• good organization and time management skills

Estimated Average Hourly Wage from Service Canada - Saskatchewan - $34.76/hour

Post-Secondary Institute

• University of Saskatchewan – Commerce
o Degree Program
o Grade 12 with a minimum of 78% average including a 30-level English, Mathematics B30, Mathematics C30, Calculus 30, Chemistry 30 and Physics 30
o Length: 4 years

Career Ambassador Project
Community Vitality Monitoring Partnership Process