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Industrial Mechanic Apprentice

Industrial Mechanic Apprentices assist journeyperson with installation, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment.

What Do Industrial Mechanic Apprentices do?

• Assist with inspections, repairs, overhauling, maintenance and lubrication of all mechanical equipment in the mill complex
• Helps maintain the mill and modifies or constructs equipment required for the mill and water treatment plant
• Read blueprints, diagrams and schematic drawings to determine work procedures
• Helps adjust machinery and repair or replace defective parts

Where do Industrial Mechanic Apprentices work?
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• AREVA and Cameco
• Pulp and paper companies
• Manufacturing companies
• Processing companies
• Construction companies

What characteristics do you need?

• Physical strength and stamina
• Good co-ordination and manual dexterity
• Ability to visualize a layout by looking at plans and blueprints
• Ability to trouble-shoot mechanical systems

Estimated Average Hourly Wage from Service Canada - Saskatchewan - $32.74/hour

Post-Secondary Institute

• SIAST – Industrial Mechanics (pre-employment)
o Certificate Program
o Require: Grade 10
o Length: 32 weeks

• Saskatchewan Apprenticeship – Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)
o Completed Grade 12
o Must be working in the trade and under the supervision of a certified journeyperson
o Length: 4 years including 1,800 hours of technical training and on-the-job training

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