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Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineers design, produce, and use mechanical systems that control and transform energy.

What Do Mechanical Engineers Do?

• provide direction and support to ensure ventilation systems are designed, installed and maintained in accordance with company policy and applicable regulations
• monitoring, balancing and initiating repairs to the various auxiliary ventilation systems
• implementing energy usage optimization plans for industrial processes and building systems

Where do Mechanical Engineers work?
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• AREVA and Cameco
• Forestry, agriculture, oil and gas companies
• Thermal and hydro-electric power stations
• Petrochemical/refining
• food and beverage production
• Manufacturing companies
• Mechanical construction
• Provincial government
• Utility systems (water, natural gas, electricity)

Job Titles

• Designer
• Engineer
• Professional Engineer

What characteristics do you need?

• Good oral and written communication skills
• Ability to think in mathematical and abstract terms
• Ability to visualize three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional drawings
• Practical, mechanical inclination
• Interest in technical processes
• Persistence and determination
• Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work as part of a team

Estimated Average Hourly Wage from Service Canada - Saskatchewan - $40.24/hour

Post-Secondary Institute

• University of Saskatchewan – Mechanical Engineering
o Degree Program
o Grade 12 with a minimum of 78% average including a 30-level English, Mathematics B30, Mathematics C30, Calculus 30, Chemistry 30 and Physics 30
o Length: 4 years

Career Ambassador Project
Community Vitality Monitoring Partnership Process